UCOM – Usina Cocatrel Minasul is a company stablished from the strategical partnership between two of the largest coffee cooperatives in Brazil, Cocatrel and Minasul.


In August 2016 UCOM launched  a very modern structure in the main Arabica coffee producing region, aiming to stimulate the development of the coffee business.

Quality service and  punctuality in delivering are UCOM´s diferentials as well Ethicts and Transparency in Business relations. 


We offer to the Coffe Market more than an service option but a relationship of Trust. 

Using excelentet machinery and  advanced softwares allied to very qualified team we are capable of delivering the best service in coffee, always guaranteeing the quality.


UCOM has  the capacity to process 7,200 coffee bags per day and a Storage capacity of 800 thousand coffee bags.

We are Located in Varginha, the heart of the arabica trade and production that is strategicacly equidistant from the main ports and airports of the country.

Since the beginning of the operations UCOM has been attracting attention from the Market, many customers and traders visit the companty frequently.

UCOM is very committed to social and enviromental responsability our volume is UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified.




UCOM has  8 silos with the capacity of 40 thousand each and 16 silos  for 2,5 thousand bags each and also twelve thousend squared meter sized wharehouse for Big Bag´s that enable us to store up to 700 thousand coffee bags. 


UCOM performs the processing of green coffee, adding value to the product through cleaning, separation and classification, according to the customer needs.


Trust and strength are UCOM´s trademarks, especially at the moment of buying and selling coffees.  


UCOM  through its owners has access to a potential stock more than 3.000.000 million bags per year. UCOM partners have great opportunities doing business  together with us.





Address: Rua Existente, 401, Letra C

Distrito Industrial Cláudio Galvão Nogueira

Varginha/MG  -  Brazil 

+55 (35) 3219 2700

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